UPVC Lock Repairs Bristol

When your lock doesn’t work as it should, the home doesn’t feel as secure as it once did. You want to get back your peace of mind soon, so you need to partner up with locksmiths that can respond promptly in an emergency and provide the repairs you need on the spot. At Andrew’s Mobile Locksmiths, we have over two decades of experience carrying out uPVC lock repairs in Bristol. Our customers know they can count on us.

No matter the issue, we can fix it
As a qualified, experienced team that has been helping Bristol residents for 20 years, we’ve come across all kinds of lock issues and can fix almost all of them on the spot. Some of the most common uPVC lock issues include:

· The key stuck in the lock
· The lock is jammed and won’t open all the way
· The key goes in but requires force and/or wiggling
· The door won’t close properly when unlocked
· The lock is out of alignment with the door

Many of these issues happen because of faulty lock mechanisms, wear-and-tear, poorly cut keys, frequent slamming of the door, and much more. We are well-experienced in working with the sensitive mechanisms of a uPVC lock, quickly finding the problem, and effectively providing a solution, most often on the spot.

Your partner in a pinch
Andrew’s Mobile Locksmith provides emergency lock repairs and a variety of other lock replacements all throughout Bristol. Even if you don’t have the key available, we have an array of specialist tools we can use to safely remove the lock without damaging the door

. In the case of locks that have been worn down over time and are beyond repairs, we can replace them on site. Similarly, for keys that have been improperly cut or have since been damaged, we can provide you with the replacements. If we need to replace the lock instead of repair it, or you simply want to upgrade, we can help you choose the alternatives that provide better security for the home.

uPVC lock repairs in Bristol you can rely on
With effective uPVC lock repairs at affordable prices, we can be the partner you need for uPVC lock repairs in Bristol. We provide repairs, replacements, and upgrades for both residential and commercial customers, travelling to you directly, day or night, in an emergency. We have a reputation for customer service, as well as prompt services, and highly skilled work at a competitive price.

We want to ensure that our customers are as pleased as possible with our services. Should you have a lock or key type that we don’t have experience with, we’re more than happy to recommend one of our peers that specialises in that kind of work, instead. Call and you can get a free, no obligation quote for any repairs or replacements in moments.

If you’re in urgent need of a uPVC lock repair in Bristol, then you can get in touch with us at 07712 042 922. For any other enquiries, such new lock replacements, you can also email us at andrewdavid63@googlemail.com.